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Professional Behaviourist / Dog Trainer

Personal 1-2-1 Dog Training - Dog behaviour Problems solved

Tracking Classes

Group Sessions - Obedience

Puppy Training

Agility Classes

Socialisation (off lead play time )

I have found the one size fits all attitude excludes quite a few owners from training; usually the ones that need most help. There are many techniques for training dogs, I will always try to find the best solution and I never turn anyone away - you need help - I will help!

Turner and Pooch Long Walk Anti-Social Class at DTCE DTCE Agility Classes 07792 869653 Social Class and Play Time Dog Training Home Visit - dogs by the fire - happy dogs - call andy 07792 869653

Home visits / 121 sessions

I arrange consultations and home training sessions.

 If you are in charge at home you are much more likely to be in charge outside as well.


SocialClass at DTCE

Problem Solving

Most doggie issues can be fixed with the correct guidance and implementing the correct training regime.

Happy to chat 07792 869653

Essex Countryside Group Walks with Turner & Pooch.  These are very popular and are run throughout the summer.

Anti-Social and aggression (also known as reactive).  We can help you fix your dog.

Agility Classes - Nearly all breeds can take part in agility.  The dogs love it!

Off lead socialisation classes - Great fun for your dog in a safe environment.

I help with doggie problems.

I have a variety of solutions available. 121/home sessions are a really good way of the whole family understanding the tips and techniques of dog behaviour and handling skills.  I also offer group session, social classes (off lead in a secure area), anti-social classes for really grumpy dogs, and, at the other end of the spectrum, puppy training; if you get this right then the other issues tend not to happen.

Fun Classes, problem solving, dog training, classes or home visits

1-2-1 Sessions

I visit your home and work with you on understanding and training.

A really good way to get your dog to behave really quickly.

Difficult Dogs

For dogs that are anti social towards other dog, people or both.

This also works for dogs that are just too excited about life.


For dogs that don’t come back when they’re called and dogs that need to learn to play.  

Group Sessions

Training classes that cover most types of dog training.

Puppy, Agility, Obedience, Problem Dogs and Social Classes.